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About Firestryker Industrial

Firestyker, is an unparalleled mobile fire suppression system that has been painstakingly developed by Fire Suppression Systems (FSS) in Italy.

The system has been invented by revolutionising the way that the suppressor generates the emitted aerosol.  Generated by the breakdown of the extinguishing charge containing Potassium Nitrate, the emissions reacts with the fire and the flames, with the Potassium radicals K+ capturing the oxygen of the surrounding air which deprives fire of Oxygen and extinguishes it.

Since inventing and certifying the Fire Suppression System, FSS has been distributed worldwide and has been featured on the Jay Leno show in addition to a number of reputable publications.

Despite international certification and developed production methods, the Firestryker remains proudly Italian made.

Our Flagship Product 


FFS 100 Sec. - Firestryker Fire Suppressor 100 Seconds 

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